Phonics Fun (CD)

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Super Simple ABCs Phonics Fun introduces young learners to the alphabet in a super fun, super simple way. The CD features an ABC hello and goodbye song, simple versions of the alphabet song and the phonics alphabet song, 26 songs introducing the sounds of all the letters of the alphabet, and review songs and chants. These are songs and chants young learners will be able to sing along with right away.

The CD was designed to work well in support of the Super Simple ABCs Upper Case and Lower Case books. It also works great as a supplement to any ABC/phonics program, or on it's own! 

Below are samples of just a few of the tracks on Super Simple ABCs - Phonics Fun

01. Hello A, Hello Z   13. A-I Review Chant
02. The Super Simple Alphabet Song   14. A-I Review Song
03. The Phonics Alphabet Song   15. The J Song
04. The A Song   23. The R Song
06. The C Song   30. The W Song
10. The F Song   36. Goodbye A, Goodbye Z

More About the CD
Super Simple ABCs - Phonics Fun contains 54 audio tracks including sing-along versions with a total running time of 51 minutes.

More About Downloads
The download version of this album is in mp3 format. The files are compressed into zip format. Once unzipped, they can be played on any computer, added to a portable music player, or burned to a CD.

CD or Download? Which should I choose?